Welcome to the Change Maker programme

an online mentoring programme for small business owners who want to design & Run a successful business on their own terms 

During the Change Maker Programme we're going to be deep diving into the heart of your business. Together we'll be.... 

  • Discovering time you didn't think you had by implementing smart systems and active automations which help to run your business while you focus on the work that brings you the most joy.
  • Learning how to love goal setting, metric measuring and all those other things which you thought would a) crush your creativity and b) were only useful for big business.
  • Designing a rock solid foundation for the next phase of your business. 
  • Moving you away from the hamster wheel of managing the day to day of your business, and setting you firmly back into the role of leading your business.
  • Building a close knit group of cheerleading peers who are all at a similar stage of their business and want to see you succeed as much as you do.
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I founded the Change Maker Programme in early 2016 because I could see a very clear need amongst the business owners I knew. After successfully growing my own business and having made a career out of supporting other people’s businesses, it was very obvious where the biggest obstacle was for the business owners I was working with. They had started their businesses, they were doing the work but they were so busy in the day-to-day that they simply couldn't make time to make sure that their business goals still matched their life goals.

I believe in the power of community. I knew that if I could combine my knowledge of growth strategies with the support of a peer group who were all striving for the next stage in their business then incredible things could happen. I wasn’t wrong….


Saron Filled her client roster by Week 8 of the programme

Photo Credit: Rudi Wells Fotografie

Photo Credit: Rudi Wells Fotografie

I was struggling to define what I do in a way that made potential clients want to work with me. I felt unclear as to which steps I needed to take to get my business where I wanted it to be.

I felt like I had let my business down. I was discouraged that the business I started out feeling so passionate about, just wasn’t taking off.
— Saron van Diemen // Total Self

designing smart systems made claire feel calm and in control

Since the programme started I’m already far more organised than I was in the beginning. I have changed my whole booking process and automated steps within it where possible. I am aware of the bigger picture as a result of implementing a CRM system. I feel that the client booking process has improved greatly and as a result, I feel a lot calmer about things than when I started. I feel more in control (even though it is currently high-season for my business) and much more relaxed.
— Claire Bown // The Thinking Museum
Photo Credit: Rudi Wells Fotografie

Photo Credit: Rudi Wells Fotografie

Is the change maker right for you? Let's get into the details

The Change Maker is an application only programme. If your business is selected to participate then you will receive: 

  • A structured programme of learning and development
  • The support of a peer group constructed from fellow small business owners who are at a similar stage to you.
  • Prep notes arriving in your inbox each week packed with information and curated articles relevant to that week’s theme.
  • Live, online group mentoring sessions.
  • E-mail and group support between sessions for quick questions and motivation. 
  • Models, planners, worksheets and more to keep you on track during the programme and once the programme ends.


The foundation stage is all about making sure that you have a rock solid base to grow from. We cover every area of your business from what you do to who your ideal customers are. We take account of the language you use and the limitations you have been putting in your way which are preventing your business growth. Then we work together to discover time you didn't know you had and what to do with it to grow your business to the next level. 

+ Business Modelling

  • Design Your Business Blueprint
  • Uncover the gaps in your current foundations
  • Understand your current priorities

+ Building Blocks

  • Review what has been holding you back
  • Understand the role that failure and risk play in business growth

+ Time Management

  • Review effective versus efficient working patterns
  • Discover time you didn't know you had
  • Try out a number of different produtivity techniques

+ The Leadership Mindset

  • Find out what it means to be the C.A.E of your business
  • Explore the Management versus Leadership mindset
  • Uncover the importance of values and mission for your business


Every business has processes. These are your roadmaps to success. We're going to dive deep behind the scenes of your business to find out what you're doing, what you need to be doing and how you could be doing it better. You'll get access to the operations of my business to see how things work in practice before deciding what to implement in your own business. Models, templates and more to use over and over again in your business.

+ Map Your Flow

  • Break down your most used processes into repeatable flows
  • Uncover where you can streamline and make efficient choices for your clients
  • Tips for file storage, client templates, sales flow and more

+ Review & Implementation

  • Break weeks are included for you to reflect, review and implement

+ Tools & Systems

  • Learn how to introduce time saving tools into your business
  • Assess the systems which work for best for your clients
  • Start implementing project management for business growth

+ Gather Your People

  • Weave client delight throughout your business
  • Dig deep into what your client needs and how to deliver it


It's time to set some goals and work out exactly how you are going to achieve them. Together we will work out exactly where your business needs to be heading and break that down into an achievable plan for success. We'll explore how to keep going through the peaks and troughs of running your own business. As well how to position yourself for future growth and expansion leading a business you love serving customers you are crazy about.

+ Goal Setting

  • Why goal setting is essential for growing your business (and won't kill your creativity)
  • Understand the mechanics of goal setting
  • Start plotting out your 90 day goals

+ Measuring Success

  • How to break your goals into achievable tasks and measure their success aka key metrics for non-believers
  • Using your systems to achieve success
  • Incorporating non-traditional metrics

+ Highs & Lows

  • How to keep going when you just can't keep going
  • What to do when life gets in the way
  • How to reframe when your goals need to change

+ Wrap It Up

  • Putting it all together and launching for success

By the end of the programme you will have refined your processes, streamlined your systems and have identified the strategies which will grow the business you run without compromising the life you want to live.

The group you will join is a deliberately small, so that we can truly dig into the details of each business. You can be confident that your business will get the individual attention it needs along with the support and learning that a group experience offers. 

Your Commitment

Your Personal Commitment

Joining a group mentoring programme is an investment in the future of your business. You need to approach it with a willingness to learn and an openness to new ideas. It is a commitment to driving your business forward and to supporting fellow business owners in doing the same. In order to get the maximum results from it you will need to ensure that you are available each week for the duration of the programme. Live Sessions are usually held on Thursday mornings (Central European Timezone).  

Are you in?

The next Change Maker Programme begins in SEPTEMBER 2018. To apply for your place, click the button below: