Step One

Within the next 2 working days (and probably much sooner than that), you will receive an email with a link giving you full access to the Notebook on WorkFlowy, which is where the Notebook for the Curious is curated. If you don’t receive the link within that time frame, please let me know. The email will look something like this in your inbox:

P.S. If you are wondering why I chose Workflowy to host Notebook for the Curious, that's all explained inside the Notebook.

Step Two

Click on the link inside that email to open the Notebook for the Curious in WorkFlowy. You can click on either link in the email to open the Notebook:

If you don’t already have a one WorkFlowy account you will be prompted to sign up for one (don't worry, it’s free - you do not need the paid pro account to access the Notebook for the Curious).

Step Three

On the next screen you should see the index of the Notebook for the Curious. It will look like the image below. Start by clicking on the Welcome message at the top. As per the instructions, click the grey bullet point (to the left of “<-- WELCOME”) to start reading.

Notebook for the Curious