As a business owner the thoughts of what you could be doing and what people say you should be doing can become downright demoralising at times. If we listened to all the noise out there in the business world then we would be quickly convinced that running your own business requires a non-stop daily grind and hustle just to survive.

I think that this is exactly the wrong approach.

What if we stepped back from all that noise for a moment and took stock of where you are right now, this moment, with your business?

What if instead of worrying about all the things they say you haven’t done, we acknowledged that, actually, you’re doing pretty well? You have been running your business for a few years, you’ve got clients coming through the door, clients who are happy to pay you and who love what you do.

Firstly, congratulations! Believe me, not every business makes it this far. In my eyes, you’re already a success.

But I also know that you want more.

  • You want a business based on a solid plan and which is built for growth
  • You want a business that effortlessly connects what you do with the right clients, over and over again.
  • You want a business that knows where it’s heading while still leaving room for the creativity and exploration to do things your way which made you want to run your own business in the first place.
  • You want a business that respects your time, your talents and your energy while still supporting the life that you want to lead.

And I want to tell you, that all those things are absolutely within your reach.

The Positive Business Accelerator

A 90-day strengths-based mentoring and implementation programme for business owners who want to build on what is already working in their business to make it even more successful.

By building on what is already working, we are able to quickly focus on implementing streamlined systems and smart strategies that connect what you are already doing with the clients who most need to know about it. Which allows you to grow a business you truly love running, in a way that feels (almost) effortless.

What Could You Achieve in 90 Days?

Having worked with hundreds of small businesses in the course of my career, what I’ve learnt is that most of them already have the basics of running a business covered. They are smart, dedicated and hard working people. If they weren’t, they would have failed long before they came to me. These business owners are showing up and doing the work every day, just as you are, but all too often they are so busy doing the work that they just don’t have time to plan out what the next right steps are to grow their business. Sometimes, they may even have caught themselves thinking “Is this the business that I really want to run?”

In our 90-days together, we will shine a spotlight into every corner of your business, even the ones you have been quietly ignoring because you “just don’t have time for that” and we'll take a deep dive into the building blocks you’ve already put in place to make your business uniquely what it is.

The results which you will achieve in our time together are entirely up to you and what your business needs. Between us, we will work out where you want to put your focus, the results that you want to achieve and then we'll make a plan to get you there. Whether you are building to expand your team, ready to move from a feast and famine client cycle to a booked out waiting list, or need to make everything you do run seamlessly, together we’ll get you there.


This is your business.
You are in charge.
These are your results.


How Does it Work?

We begin with a two-hour intensive to map out your Positive Business Playbook, an operating guide to your business success which builds on what is already working to launch you into the next phase. We review where you are right now with your business, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

After that, we meet (usually online) every two weeks for an hour to set your direction for the next sprint and check-up on your achievements.

In between sessions, you will have support from me via email or text for quick breakthroughs, challenges, or questions. If you are really struggling with something that cannot be quickly resolved then you also have the option of activating a spare SOS session to make sure that your momentum stays right on track.

In our final two-hour session at the end of the programme we review how far you’ve come, where you are with the goals you wanted to achieve and what you need to do to chart your course for the next phase.

There is no doubt about it, this is an intensive programme. It is designed to get rapid results. In addition to our in-person time you will also be expected to dedicate at least two hours a week to working on the development of your business.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking, right now you can’t imagine how you are going to create that extra two-hours of time in your already packed schedule. Don’t worry, we’re going to deal with that too, right from the start, by designing your Ideal Week, prioritising what you do and uncovering time you didn’t know you had. What you'll find is that once you get your time under control, you'll be more productive than ever but it will feel like you are doing less at a pace that suits you. 

Hi, I’m Emmy McCarthy and I’m obsessed with making businesses work better. I love popping the lid off your business and poking around inside it to see how we can make your business work for your life.

I’ve worked as a small business consultant across just about every industry for over a decade. I’ve successfully built my own 12,500 person strong community based business and I am a tireless behind-the-scenes advocate for other small business owners because, collaboration is better than competition, am I right?

You may already know me through my work with Amsterdam Mamas, as a board member of the International Community Advisory Panel or as a co-organiser of Spark, the female entrepreneur conference in Amsterdam. Whether we’ve met before or have yet to meet, here’s a little bit more about me.

Is your business ready to take the next step?

If you know that it’s time to evolve the next phase of your business and you want to do it with someone who will be working hard for your success, cheering you on and encouraging you every step of the way then I want to hear from you.

The programme includes: 

  • 90-days of support focused on your business.
  • 1:1 sessions to develop the business which you want to run, based on your talents, your strengths and your goals.
  • Online support between sessions for quick questions, problem solving and breakthrough celebrations.
  • An SOS Session to keep you on track if you need additional support.
  • Tips, tricks, strategies and a wealth of experience all tailored to your business.
  • Access to my Notebook for the Curious
  • Connection to my professional network

Participating in the Positive Business Accelerator costs:


*Price excludes BTW. Payment plans are available. Paying in full has its benefits though, namely that you pay less.

How can you know if the Positive Business Accelerator is the right programme for you? 

This programme is for you if:

  • You have been in business for around three years or more (even if up until now it has been your side gig)
  • You are ready to stop simply being the manager of your business (or worse, having your business manage you) and start really owning it.
  • You want to work with someone who will encourage you, help you build on your strengths, hold up a mirror to your success and challenges you to bring your best self to your business and your clients every single day.

I have to be honest, this programme isn’t for everyone, and it won’t be a fit for you if:

  • You want a magic bullet solution (spoiler alert: there isn’t one, they don’t exist).
  • You want someone else to do the work. (Nope, your work = your results).
  • Your business is in debt or has financial stability issues that you don’t know how to resolve (I have a strong ethical code which prevents me from taking money from businesses who are not positioned to see a return on their investment with me within a reasonable time frame).  

One of the best things about what I do is the incredible clients I get to work with.
Here’s what some of them have to say about our work together...


"Emmy puts her laser focus on you, your business, the opportunities and the pitfalls, so that you can give it shape and further grow it on a solid base. Her knowledge of a wide array of techniques and methods makes her the ideal mentor to take your business to the next level."

Claudia Schalkx - Bridge2More


"Emmy offers a warm, sharp mind to go through your business issues. She delivers what she promises, clear focused action."

Eva Visser Plaza - Eva Authentic Living

"When you're working with a business coach who spots a place in your mind that is locked tight. She has the skills to fashion words into the exact key needed. She carefully reaches inside your head and turns. And... "Click" I'm feeling that click resonating today. Thank you Emmy"

Anna Gilhespy - The House of Mouse


I'm sure you still have questions, and I would love to find out more about how the Positive Business Accelerator could benefit your business.
Why don't we arrange a virtual coffee? Remember, there's no commitment until we are both sure that this is the right path for your business.