Why I shop local, and you should too.

shop local

I have spent two days lying in my bed (with occasional sorties to my sofa just for a change of scenery).

I have 'flu.

I feel miserable.

My husband is doing everything that he usually does and everything that I usually do. He feels pretty miserable about that too.

Then this happens:


Salvation! I’ve tried this juice tonic before and despite my initial skepticism, it works. Plus it tastes great, an added bonus when you are sick.

But, the juice is a half hour bike ride away, in the rain and the wind. Right now I’m not sure I could make it down the stairs let alone across the city, and my husband? Well, he’s a little busy doing all the things.

The juice owner and I converse through Facebook Messenger, checking logistics, could it be picked up from this location? That location? At what time? Tricky logistics. It’s not looking good. Then she says she can call a local delivery service, it adds to the cost but they can get it to me that night.


Payment details are exchanged. Delivery is set. I flop back on the sofa and listlessly tap in the payment via mobile banking.


I get a message: Your juice tonic is on its way.


The delivery rider pulls up and hands over the tonic. I start doing shots, of the juice. The placebo effect has me feeling better already.

74 minutes from posting on Facebook about the product to it arriving at my door.

This is why I shop local.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Amazon delivery as much as the next person. But, building relationships with your local businesses allows you to work things like this out. To find a solution after traditional business hours, combining local service providers, so that I can start feeling semi-normal again. Amazon can’t gift wrap that for me, or deliver it in the same time frame.

Lessons learned here:

  • Good service is always worth the extra expense.
  • A local service provider who knows and works with their local service providers is worth their weight in gold.
  • Take care of your local businesses and they will take care of you.

With grateful thanks to Healthy Happy Green and Tring Tring. What a team