The Change Makers: Claire of The Thinking Museum

Claire’s business, the Thinking Museum has been busy shaking up the way things work in her industry since she started. With a unique perspective on how museums can be experienced, the Thinking Museum has grown rapidly as they became known both for their bespoke museum tours and high-level museum industry training. But with rapid growth since the beginning, and the next growth phase of the business approaching, Claire was ready to make sure she had everything in order to lead her business forward.

The group mentoring programme would prove to be just the right blend of technical skills and peer support that Claire was looking for.

Claire Bown, Owner of The Thinking Museum



When I joined the programme...

My business was starting to experience a few growing pains. I was lacking the coherent systems and processes to cope with the growth of my business. I had a real desire to learn more about how I could make my business (and myself) more efficient.

I love an ‘Aha’ moment, personally…

and with this programme, it's really hard to choose which were the biggest, as I had so many! The ones that stand out are:

I should be leading my business rather than just managing it.

This had a huge impact on my thinking and the way I'm planning to structure my time going-forward.

Planning and structure.

Such as implementing processes and tools that can help my business grow. Implementing project management and goal-setting into my planning were also very important.

An outsider’s perspective.

Seeing my business through someone else's analytical lens was a real eye-opener.

Since the programme started I'm already far more organised than I was in the beginning. I have changed my whole booking process and automated steps within it where possible. I am aware of the bigger picture as a result of implementing a CRM system. I feel that the client booking process has improved greatly and as a result, I feel a lot calmer about things than when I started. I feel more in control (even though it is currently high-season for my business) and much more relaxed. Now that the programme is finished...

I feel positive, energetic, excited, and raring to go!

I have so many ideas and much to look forward to. I realise all that I have accomplished and what I am capable of in the future. I know I'm in a really good place to continue growing

If you are considering joining the next programme….

It is definitely for businesses that have been up and running for a while. You can't come into this programme after only 6 months of starting. Between 1-3 years of prior experience I think would be ideal. You also need to be a business that is open to change.

Are ready to take your business to the next level? The Change Maker Programme will be opening for new attendees soon. To find out more and apply for your place in the next programme then let me know.