Using Asana For Your Business


I am a HUGE Asana fan. Huge. It is an integral part of my business and the reason that I can get so much done each week.

But, from working with my clients and my team, I know that trying to figure out how to use Asana in your business can feel daunting if you are starting from scratch.

During each round of the Change Maker Programme, I make sure that I take my participants "Behind the Scenes" of how I make Asana work for my business. That is often the point when things begin to click into place for them, after all, it is much easier to visualise how to set things up for your own business when you can see how it works for someone else. 

And that's exactly what I have done for you here. A free, six-part video course which takes you behind the scenes of how I use Asana to run my business, and how you can use it to run yours too. Inside the training page, you will find a six-part video series which will make setting up your own Asana super easy.

The videos are deliberately short so that you can watch them quickly and then start implementing what you have learnt straight away.

During the training we will cover:

  1. An Introduction to the Training
  2. Using Asana as a To Do List
  3. Using Asana as a Business Hub
  4. Using Asana as an Editorial Calendar
  5. Using Asana as a Simple CRM
  6. Using Asana as a Systems Link

I've even included an additional short bonus video of my productivity secret weapon. It's the way I squeeze even more time out of my schedule and get stuff done.

If you've ever looked at Asana and wondered where to start, this is the resource for you. Step-by-step, inspirational and actionable. 

To access the training, enter your email address below. You will receive a link to the training page and a password so that you can access the videos. Don't forget to check your spam folder just in case it ends up in there.

Ok, are you all signed up?

I hope you enjoy the training.

Don't forget to let me know how you are getting on with your new Asana set up.