Notes for the Curious: Edition #56


I have been quietly working on something in the background and it feels like the right time to tell you about it. In June I will be welcome the first cohort of The Change Maker Collective, not the Change Maker Programme, The Collective. I hadn't mentioned it before because as soon as I started talking to my clients about what I was planning they grabbed all the available places and the first cohort sold out. Which was incredibly exciting, to know that you are providing something that the people you love to work with really want, but it has also meant I haven't really had a chance to talk to you, my Notes readers, about it.

So let's fix that right now... For the next three months, a small number of business owners will be joining me for a different kind of group experience, one that is entirely focused on getting clear, getting focused and taking action on the goals you have for your business. The Change Maker Collective is designed for small business owners who are already established, with a good client list and regular(ish!) income but who also need some strategic guidance and community peer support to bring their next big goal to life, maybe it's an adjustment to your business model, or launching a new programme, or bringing on a team or eliminating overwhelm. Whatever your goal is, the Collective is going to be the place to achieve it.

While the June cohort is full, I am already taking applications and filling places for the September cohort. I know that the summer can be a tricky time to commit something like this, which is why I am also offering a bonus 1:1 mini-focus session (value €150) for people who sign up for the September cohort before the end of July. If The Collective sounds like something your business needs, and you want a little extra time with me this summer to work on your business, then now is the time to apply for your place so that you can find out more about how The Collective will work for your business. There's no commitment until we decide that The Collective is the right thing for you and your business so fill out a form and we can talk more about your goals, together. 

In the meantime, let's get on with the Notes...

1) A Bear, a lion, a wolf, or a dolphin

Which one are you? It's a good time to find out because knowing which animal is most aligned with your sleep habits can help you increase your productivity and design your ideal workday. I'm definitely a Wolf, what are you? 

2) TV or...?

Like just about everyone I know, my evenings are Netflix and chill. But what if they weren't? What if I used that time to, write the book I keep meaning to write or learn that new skill I've been putting off, or trying to meditate, again? How much time could I dedicate to that if I gave up TV? Fortunately this tricky maths is not something I need to confuse my brain with because a smarty pants on the internet has built a calculator to tell you exactly how much more productive (and healthy) you could be if you gave up TV. 

3) Up your Insta-game

There is no doubt about it, Instagram is fast becoming a go-to platform for small businesses. If you want to explore Instagram for your business, here are 30 tips to get you started

4) The path not taken

At one point I thought I would be a writer. As a job, not just something I did for my business. If I had know that speech writer was a viable career path I think it's one I might have explored. Because there is an art to speech writing, rhythm that appeals to me in pulling words together to encourage change. I found this interview with Apple's first speech writer absolutely fascinating. Especially the observations around the intersection of complex ideas being best delivered in simplicity.


Notes reader Lisa forwarded me this article last month and what a perfect choice it was. The journey of growing a community, particularly an online community, is often a tricky one and I can empathise with many of the experiences that are expressed in this piece. As much joy as you get from bringing people together, the flip side of it can be quite difficult to manage. If you would like to find out more about the behind the scenes of WWVWD then Notes reader Naomi also sent me a podcast episode which interviewed the founder. My readers really know what I love! Thank you all so much and keep sending me all the good stuff you are finding so that we can keep the knowledge flowing together. 

Until the next Notes,


P.S. You might be wondering why I haven't popped up in your inbox asking you to sign up again for the Notes as part of GDPR. The simple reason is that I have always valued your privacy and protected your data. I have never added anyone to my list who did not opt-in to be there and my systems have always been chosen with my client's privacy in mind. My privacy policy has had a little update to make sure that it is completely clear but other than that I am going to keep protecting your details as fiercely as I hope you would protect mine and I will not be filling up your inbox with requests for things you have already consented to. 

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