📝 Notes for the Curious: Edition #62


August in Europe is a tricky month for business owners. Everything slows down to a crawl. Holidays are in full swing and the businesses which haven't shut up shop for the month are definitely in go slow mode. It can be really frustrating. In previous years I've taken the summer off, last year I did the #summerofselfcare. This year, I've kept going. After such a busy, but non-core-work start of the year, taking the summer off entirely wasn't an option. Instead I quietly launched The Change Maker Collective and kept working with my 1:1 clients. I've also been prepping for the conferences I am participating in this summer (Rise and Lead Women's Summit on the 27th of September and WIT (Women in Tech) Regatta on the 29th of October) and working on some community building workshops for corporates. It's turned out to be a really productive (but not in an overwhelming way) summer. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I do feel ready to get back to work now, even though we still have two weeks of the summer holidays to go here in the Netherlands. I'm keen to kick off the Change Maker Programme and the next round of The Collective. I'm ready to get the podcast going. I'm ready. What about you?

Until then, let's get on with the Notes...

1) You don't like everything

Which is why Facebook gave you six reactions, instead of just the like button. But did you know how much work went into deciding which reactions you should have and what they should look like? Fascinating.

2) How to get more referrals

To the end of my days, I will bang the drum about word of mouth being the strongest way to build your service based business.  Here are 5 ways you can get more referrals. 

3) Swimming for your life

This piece was so moving and touched me so deeply that I knew I had to share it with my Notes readers. I cannot imagine the courage of these children or the depths of compassion their instructors possess. It is remarkable. True community building in action.

4) Transcription tools

I once interviewed as a transcription secretary for a legal firm in Paris. I didn't get the job. Not fast enough I guess. Luckily technology has moved on and now there are many different ways to get things transcribed which will match all budgets. I use transcription fairly regularly. Sometimes it is to help me get through writer's block by speaking what I want to write about other times it is to dig deep into market research interviews for the things I might have missed when I was on the call. So useful.

5) Shhh, it's a secret

I am a huge fan of Frank Warren's PostSecret project. As a community builder I'm fascinated by the willingness of strangers to share their deepest secrets. This is a beautiful look into why humans share secrets, and why they must. 

Until the next Notes,


P.S. I have 2 more places in the Change Maker Programme for emerging business owners who want to build their business for sustainable growth and 2 more places in The Collective for established business owners who are ready to achieve their big goals before the end of the year. I would love to fill these before the end of the month. If you've been on the fence about whether they are right for your business, have a look at the details below and then let's schedule a time to talk. If it's not for you right now, could you help me spread the word? 

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