The Best Decision I Ever Made

Looking back over my career, I’ve worked for some tough bosses. Hard working, turbo driven, super-charged scary bosses. But it wasn’t until I started my own business that I began working for the Worst Boss Ever.


  • I was working for a boss with no boundaries. Daytime, evenings, weekends they were all the same to the Worst Boss Ever. There was no closing the computer at 5 pm, no structured time off to spend with my family. I was working every minute I could steal and I couldn’t see how it would ever change.
  • I was constantly overwhelmed by my to-do list. Swamped by all the things I should be doing. I didn’t know where to focus first in order to make the greatest impact.
  • The Worst Boss Ever wanted me to do everything in the business all by myself, even if it wasn’t something I necessarily had the skills for, such as bookkeeping.
  • I would lie awake worrying about all the things I had to do for the Worst Boss Ever and wondering if there would ever be a point where I could just do what I was good at, really, really good at. You know, the reason why I started my own business in the first place.

But the thing that really made me want to throw in the towel, more than anything else, was that the Worst Boss Ever spoke to me in ways that I would never ever have tolerated from any other boss. The Worst Boss Ever was constantly critical, constantly convinced that I could be doing better or doing more. They were hyper alert to my failures and rarely congratulatory.

And who was this demon boss? I am ashamed to say, that my Worst Boss Ever was me. This is a hard truth, one you may already be familiar with, in your own business, as I have discovered, the Worst Boss you’ve ever had is almost certainly you.

Many of us who start our own businesses will quickly and predictably fall into the trap of becoming the worst boss we have ever, ever worked for. And, believe me, that is a fast track to business disaster.

It’s not too late, though, there is still time to make a change, and that time is now.

This is when you take back control of your own business.

Now, that may sound big, maybe even a little scary but you only have to do one tiny thing...

You’re going to have to fire yourself.

That's right, it's out with the old boss, in with the new. We're going to let your Worst Boss Ever know that you are back in charge.

Because, if you want to build a successful, sustainable business then you need to start leading your business and stop being led by your business.

How do I know? Because saying “no” to my Worst Boss Ever meant I could say “yes!” to...

  • Rocketing my business forward in a sustainable and viable way while still having time and space to plan for the next phase. Last year, that enabled me to double my income goal mid-year, and achieve it.
  • Letting go of the busy work and getting laser focused on the core actions I need to take in order to make a real impact for my clients and my community.
  • Using my time effectively rather than just efficiently to bring more balance into my life and give me my free time back while still making money to support my family.

And I am confident that you can do the same. I'm not going to tell you that it's easy to do, it's definitely going to take some work but the good new is that you don't have to do it alone and we can have a lot of fun while you're doing it.

The Change Maker programme is where you join forces with other small business owners to get clear, get focussed and take action towards growing the business you want, which serves you and your clients.

If you want to find out more then simply fill out the application form and we can book an introductory call. I would love the chance to chat with you about the challenges in your business and see if it is the right time to take your business to the next level.

Remember, there is no commitment until you are sure that the Change Maker is the right path for your business.  Places always go quickly, though, so let’s talk soon.